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Love of detail. Passion. Creativity. Promemoria has antique roots.
The adventure began in the 19th century in a village on the shores of lake Como, where the Sozzi family ran a business restoring and repairing carriages for the local aristocracy. A specialised business. Elitist. It was here among the fragrances of wood that the craftsman skill began to take shape. A know-how which continued through the next four generations and which, at the end of the eighties became Promemoria: a world of highly skilled cabinet making, designed by Romeo Sozzi.
In time, a complex manufacturing unit developed which brought together all the various phases of working; from the search for materials to the study of finishings which today is the undisputed pinnacle of décor excellence and gem among Italian and European artisans. The world of Promemoria promotes high cultural values among a demanding and knowledgeable public, and encourages appreciation of the history of things as well as their intrinsic quality.

As with haute couture garments, the Promemoria sofas, fabric wardrobes, chairs and tables are objects not only to look at, but also to caress, to smell and even to listen to as they harmonise with woods, glass and metals. Every piece is hand made. Often made to measure and in limited edition. The degree of excellence is certified by severe quality checks.

Attention to detail is matched with the use of exclusive materials. National or exotic wood essences, from Tuscan cypress to “macassar” ebony or sucupira; surveyed, matured and elaborated to the final emotion. The touch and the smell of the surfaces merge in an unrepeatable syntax of suggestion. Then the colours; vibrations of secret spells, shades and combinations, almost tactile as well as visual. They even emit fragrance. The fabrics? Silk, linen, cashmere …. the farandola of noble fibres, promptly reinvented. A unique microcosm, that of aristocratic metals, from bronze to silver and copper often to be found alongside Murano glass or Italian made porcelain to create handles, lampshades, or an extraordinarily fine dining service.

Ivano Redaelli

Ivano Redaelli is today synonymous with style across the world 

The company origins lie in the historical tradition of the district of Como: in the years after World War II Piero Redaelli, which is now Cavaliere del Lavoro, and his wife Iside have found Redaelli Ricami, hand-embroidered manufacture of linen for the home.

Today, the brand does not only offer simple linen collections or furnishing complements but a real and exclusive interior design concept, result of a continuous research aimed to exalt the quality and to lead the excellence of Made in Italy at international level.

Clever creativeness, selected raw materials, high italian craftsmanship and natural elegance blend into the house Ivano Redaelli, a consistent expressive model that anticipates the trends in contemporary living even remaining firmly anchored to traditions.

Care for details and exaltation of senses complete the philosophy of what today has become a style over the brand.


Riva 1920

RIVA 1920 is an Italian, family-owned business that has been producing timeless, solid wood furniture in Northern Italy for more than three generations. All of the company’s products are finished using only oils, beeswax, and vinyl glues without formaldehyde in order to exalt the living and breathable qualities of its natural beauty. The company began in the early 1920s when the family began learning the art of wood carving, an unpredictable, difficult craft. The project continued until 1992, a key turning point for RIVA, when the small studio began collaborating with 30 different designers. It also marked the first year the company exhibited at the Milan Salone del Mobile.

RIVA prides itself on finding and working with new woods in artistic, innovative ways that respect the environment. The founders continue to work and produce furniture in the same ways they did as young craftsmen in a studio near their home. RIVA 1920 is an integration of craftsmanship and tradition, with modern design and technology. Its attention to detail and the subtle detailing in its work, are what makes RIVA 1920 one of the most unique furniture producers in the world today. Haute Living is proud to carry these stunning celebrations of wood and design.


Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. The aesthetic standards and production techniques have changed over the years. Note the passion for beauty and artfully made attention to detail, the use of natural materials crafted with mastery, suggestions of places near and far remain the hallmarks of Gervasoni products.

The company designs, develops, manufactures and markets furniture solutions for the home and for the contract sector in its production facility of 40000 sq. m in Pavia di Udine, that has 90 employees. Collaboration with some of the most qualified designers such as Paola Navone – artistic director of the company – Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup, guarantees the aesthetic quality of the products and continued experimentation with new materials.

Today the Gervasoni Company is a broad and qualified reality. Following the family’s entrepreneurial vocation, in 2009 Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni acquired IFA srl – a company specialised in the production of high quality wooden chairs – launching the brand Very Wood reserved for the contract market. In 2012 Gervasoni presented Letti&co., its new brand dedicated to the culture of sleep, born from the collaboration with Paola Navone, artistic director also of the new brand.

Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle. Commitment to the environment is recognized by several environmental certifications: the Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, the Environmental Management Certification UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004, the Certification for the Management of Workers ‘ Health and Safety OHSAS 18001: 2012. Gervasoni collections are currently distributed in over seventy countries worldwide and 75% of the turnover is export.


The Ceccotti Collezioni story heralds from Ceccotti Aviero, a company founded in 1956, specializing in the production of residential furniture and later in supplying hotels. The company continues to grow, inspired by the countless collaborations that determines its development and expansion.In 1986 the renowned Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi, theorist of the ‘post modern’ contributed to the design of some of the most recognizable and prestigious pieces produced by the company.

It is only with the birth of Ceccotti Collezioni by Franco  Ceccotti  that contemporary design becomes a significant cornerstone of the company. Thanks to the intuition and perception of Franco Ceccotti and architect Roberto Lazzeroni, also from Pisa, with the ‘know-how’ that the company had, gave life to the first collection ‘Dedos Tenidos’, receiving critical acclaim in the world of contemporary design.

Experimenting with new shapes and materials, influenced by the eclectic and surrealistic world of Gaudi, Mollino and Scandinavian designs of the 1950’s, Ceccotti Collezioni developed objects of organic sinuosity, anthromorphic shapes, where soft curves connected with slipping profiles.Ceccotti Collezioni is unique and recognized all over the world in the field of interior design for the ability to create ‘products of the author’, unique in their originality and constructive complexity, design without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolity, with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history.

Over the years Franco Ceccotti has worked with passion on the project of coordination and research, combining his personal aesthetic and intellectual taste with the manual traditions of his company and the various stylistic prints of the designers collaborating with him to create a dialogue with various parts of the world – always aiming to model the projects in order to reflect the distinctive style of Ceccotti Collezioni.


The roots of the Italian modern furniture company Pianca reach back over 500 years, back to the time when the banks of the river Pianca were dotted with watermills that supported the area’s carpentry industry. Founded in 1946 in the small town of Gaiarine, Pianca continues the region’s tradition of crafting furniture with care.

Although Pianca now uses modern technology, the company still employs hands-on craftsmanship, as evidenced by touches such as sawn-oak finishes.

Pianca takes pride in employing young talent as well as famed European designers, to ensure that their designs incorporate new ideas and new innovations.

The combination of beauty and function is Pianca’s motto which is evident in their extensive line of modern sofas, beds, tables, chairs, sideboards, wall units and mirrors.  At Pianca, adding convenience and function to modern homes is as important as adding a sophisticated style.